Like many on the North Coast, I'm disturbed by the recent article trashing Susan Trabucco ("State finds 'misconduct' in LNG lease," The Daily Astorian, Oct. 20), an accomplished professional who happens to publish an excellent local business paper, and contributes a great deal of energy and effort to our community.

Last I checked, we're not guilty until actually proven guilty, and we can't just be declared guilty without a successful effort to prove such alleged guilt in court. I may not like liquefied natural gas, personally, but I'm not willing to throw out basic American principles like due process and fairness to get my way.

"Peter Gearin secured employment for then-girlfriend Susan Trabucco?" This claim was never proven. Trumpeting a letter from the Department of Justice announcing the "beliefs" of investigators - "beliefs" that were never defended in court - is trumpeting hearsay, innuendo and, let's face it, slime.

But hey, we make movies in Astoria. And as a film (with plenty of fictional innuendo, slander and scandal courtesy of The Daily Astorian, Josh Marquis and friends) - this could be great.



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