Politicians and commissions don't usually do things in secret that they are proud of. So why the secrecy about the Calpine lease?

I had trusted the Port of Astoria commissioners to continue making the environmental and economically enhancing decisions they had made in the past few years that have benefited the Astoria-Warrenton area and Clatsop County in general. Their support of the conference center, Robert Jacob's pier hotel, the renovation of Big Red net shed, the cruise ships and other developments that were already demonstrably bringing more people and profit to our area seemed to be part of a greater vision that I thought was a very good one, and I felt we were blessed to have the men on the commission doing such a forward-looking job for the whole area.

Then they signed the lease with Calpine, undermining all the progress previously made. Why? My trust in our current commissioners and Peter Gearin, the director of the port, is gone. We may never know how or why this decision was made by our representatives on the port commission, but we do have the choice and opportunity now to elect new commissioners.

Rose Priven, Tom Brownson and Peter Huhtula are candidates I believe will return trust to the commission and who value citizen input and dialogue. I believe they will conduct the public's decisions that affect the quality of our lives and the future of our area. These three candidates will bring some different experiences, viewpoints and new ideas and will build on what we have that is already working and good for our area. I hope you will vote to give them a chance to make our county an even better and more prosperous place.

Anne Phillips



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