Christine Bridgens said, "We expect, especially in science instruction, an intellectual, honest and thorough investigation toward the truth" ("County needs to keep its eye on the ball," The Daily Astorian, Feb. 2).

I think Bridgens is correct in her assessment of science but, I think she is confused in the difference between truth and fact. Everybody follows their own version of truth, and clearly Bridgens has her version, as opposed to mine, and the context of the article.

I saw that presentation by Cascade Policy Institute as a clearly one-sided view on the issue of global warming. I am very critical of Clatsop County Board of Commissioners' failure to present both sides of the issue, as there is really no set answer at all, but mostly opinion from the pundits, pro and con, as it is with the issue of liquefied natural gas.

Clearly, Bridgens has a dog in the fight here, being, what is it, the local chairwoman of my own party, of all things, the Republican Party (women's caucus). It's kind of interesting she is so active all of a sudden, in light of the most recent controversy in the local Democratic Party.

Nevertheless, below is a link to a very good argument on the issue of global warming, and I would like to suggest that she partake of it:

Patrick McGee



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