I have had such a terrible heartache that I found putting a button saying "Withdraw U.S. Troops from Iraq" over my heart helped. It seemed to help each day when I heard "I like your button."

I found a bumper sticker that said "Honor the dead. Heal the wounded. End the war." Again, when I heard, "I like your bumper sticker," it seemed to help my pain.

I followed the news on Cindy Sheehan and the nationwide response to her and it felt as a nation we were moving like a wave to bring this war to an end. Wow, to think that one person can make a difference. I found I needed hope and action to soothe the heartache.

I do not have a family member in harm's way, yet my personal pain is because we have sent our young into this terrible war where men, women and children are dying, and torture was deemed necessary. It causes me to have a need to alter the actions the president took to take us into this war. Were the actions the president took an impeachable offense?

Let us picture a tsunami of protest that is going to bring the forces of truth to a head, to bring this horror to an end - let us be part of this magnificent wave.

Let us raise our voices to bring our troops home - do whatever helps that pain in your heart. Call, e-mail, stand on the street corner - let us make it clear. Stop the war by withdrawing our troops from Iraq now. Who shall seek out the impeachment of the president?