After reading the article "Charter's solution on FM service" (The Daily Astorian, Nov. 8), it was like fuel being added to the fire for North Coast residents who had FM service. This so-called solution only benefits Charter Communications. I hope they are happy with the outcome.

Craig Watson, Charter's vice president of communications, probably doesn't realize the inconvenience and hardship he has caused. He admitted in his interview that "this will not satisfy the concerns of a few of our customers." There are more than a few customers who are upset about your solution. If we had antennas tall enough and strong enough to pull Portland FM stations here, there wouldn't be a problem.

The article listed two options that Charter may consider. My preference would be compressing the bandwidth of the radio stations, so they could continue broadcasting. This would be a great move to restore FM service and faith and trust in Charter Communications. I would think this would be an important factor in their decisions now and in the future. Please restore our FM service.

Gary Kolasinski



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