I have lived in Seaside for 25 years, and have never experienced a more horrible Fourth of July than this past one. Night after night, and particularly on the Fourth itself, those of us who live in residential areas near the beach were subjected to overwhelming assaults of unbearable noise, due to very large illegal fireworks constantly being shot off all around us.  

The police did all they could, clearly being busy with more important matters, trying to respond whenever possible. It was like being in a war zone all day, and by the time I went to bed that night I was scared the trees and grass in my yard would catch fire from all the flying explosions.

The city has to do something about this. It is unacceptable. Legal fireworks are fine, good fun for everyone. But the mortar-like things that were shaking our houses, endangering us via potential fires, are hazards that residents should not have to encounter.  Maybe our volunteer firemen could be authorized to confiscate illegal fireworks, and write citations (with a suitable fine) on those who use them here illegally. Perhaps an ordinance dealing with this could be written and implemented, allowing enforcement.

Anyone who dismisses this, claiming it “wasn’t that bad” didn’t spend any time near 12th Avenue last week. Allowing something that endangers our community to continue is irresponsible. We need the city’s help to combat this, and to put fun and safety back into Seaside’s Fourth of July.

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