I just want to clarify that as a longtime Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce member, I am extremely uncomfortable with Skip Hauke's letter in opposition to the current recall effort of three county commissioners ("Say no to recall," The Daily Astorian, Aug. 28). 

I'm sure I am one among many Chamber members who does not share his and the Chamber board's stated viewpoint, and am angry and disheartened to have been misrepresented in this way. I don't remember being asked for my view or receiving a survey of any kind, so that Hauke and the board could find out what the actual view of the membership is.

I hope in the future all Chamber members, large and small, will be taken into account before we are "represented" publicly and in print. Or better yet, I think that sadly I will rethink my membership next time the bill comes due.


Owner, Lucy's Books

(11-year Chamber member)