The companies that are enriching themselves with the taxpayers' monies, that is supposedly designated for the bailout of the banking industry, are doing so with the approval of the new president, Barack Obama.

Obama also voted to give the public monies to the ultrarich bankers and Wall Street high rollers - without controls, and against the vast number of American citizens (more than 90 percent) who made their will and displeasure known to Obama and the rest of the senators, with the exception of Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, before the vote against the public will.

The Obama administration should tax the individuals and corporations that have made and/or extracted millions to billions of dollars to the tune of the total amount that the corrupt senators made into law in this giant scam against the public. The tax can be in the form of a windfall profits tax, or even "unjust enrichment."

Obama has the opportunity to be a real representative of the will of the majority of the people, and move against his own vote that imposed this horrendous and ill-conceived rip-off of the American public and the stealing of $500 billion of Social Security monies that was to keep Social Security solvent through the years.

That's a half a trillion dollars that has been stolen in front of our faces without a cry from the media. Shame on the senate and the media who have not truly exposed what the public has been ripped off for.


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