After my 12-year-old daughter, Lisa, was murdered in 1992, my life changed and I became an advocate for the rights of crime victims and their families. I am currently president of Oregon's victim's rights group, Crime Victims United.

Only after careful consideration does CVU endorse a candidate for political office and we are proud to endorse Cindy Price for Clatsop County Commissioner, District 3. Unlike her opponent, an incumbent who doesn't even bother to conceal his contempt for law enforcement, Cindy Price knows that government's No. 1 job is protection of the public.

Her opponent has taken every chance to slam the district attorney's office and the sheriff, including a ridiculous plan to spend millions of Clatsop County tax dollars to build a jail in another county. It is well known that the incumbent doesn't think he and his friends have to follow the rules and laws that we all respect. Whether you agreed or not with his puppy-mill operation a few years back, many remember that he refused to follow the county's basic rules.

It is for these reasons that we believe Clatsop County residents have a choice between a good-old-boy who wants to see law enforcement slashed or a fresh bright voice like Cindy Price, who's not looking to line her own pockets, but to serve the people who elect her. CVU respectfully encourages the voters of Clatsop County to support Cindy Price in this election.

There is no question that Price is right.


Lake Oswego


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