Four people. That's how many it takes to change our region for the foreseeable future. Four people, out of a combined population of 211,583 for Clatsop and Columbia counties in Oregon and Cowlitz, Wahkiakum and Pacific counties in Washington. Four people voted to allow the construction of Bradwood Landing liquefied natural gas facility.

Four people have used their authority as county commissioners to affect the lives of residents of all these counties. Four people who could have stood up to the corporate profiteers and said, "You are not a good fit for our region."

Four people who chose instead to rubber stamp a process that will only lead to further environmental degradation and worsen global warming.

Four people who refused to listen to the advice of the professionals hired for this very subject and made their decision based not on the best available science, but on politics.

Four people who should never again be allowed to make decisions with this great an impact.

It sure feels great to be from Cowlitz County, Wash. Our commissioners have all come out against the Bradwood plant and resulting pipeline. They seem to care more about the safety of their citizens and the economy of our ports and our region than the Clatsop commissioners do.

How very sad for all you poor Astorians.