Torturing animals, be they wild, domestic or in the circus, is barbaric and cruel. What I have learned about how circuses get animals to perform for people’s entertainment is appalling. It reminds me of the ancient Roman gladiators, and prisoners fighting lions in the arena of the Coliseum to the death, whether it be humans or animals. It was all for the amusement of the populace.  

Haven’t we learned anything from history? Animal circuses continue providing “fun for the whole family,” but what really happens behind the scenes to get the animals to perform? The circus animals, babies to fully grown, are traditionally whipped, prodded with electric shocks, kept in very small cages, chained up (elephants) hit and kicked. They live in fear. What kind of entertainment justifies such cruelty?  

Please join me in voting yes on Ballot Measure 4-155. This measure does not involve the 4-H, Future Farmers of America, horse shows, domestic dog and cat shows, nonanimal circuses or rodeos. It also allows for accredited zoological  institutes and various educational programs to teach and show school children about the wonders of the animal world.   

Measure 4-155 will not cost anything to the local residents, and has very low monetary effect on the circuses that come to our county. Please vote yes on Measure 4-155, which prohibits display of elephants and exotic animals in unincorporated Clatsop County.

The other towns, cities and counties in Oregon are watching what we will do. We are the first in the state to propose such a ban. When this measure passes, other municipalities will follow Clatsop County’s lead.

Do it for the animals, for the children, for yourself, because it is the right thing to do.




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