Strong rumors, out-of-town lawyers and staff seeking wetlands vacations indicate a Walmart Super Store is expected to be built in the retail-designated acres across from Costco.

I have been a member of Clatsop Residents Against Walmart (CRAW) for three years because I know that the financial intent of Walmart is to eliminate local competition and send all locally generated revenue to its corporate headquarters. That will take dollars away from local retail businesses, advertising agencies, banks and all the volunteer groups that so heavily rely on the support of locally owned businesses.

Recently, I read two thank-you advertisements for help in raising money for our children and our cultural activities. More than 250 small business owners and individuals were listed. In one advertisement was our Safeway, Costco and Fred Meyer. If we lose those businesses, we lose in so many ways, and Walmart will not donate enough to our organizations and good causes we so proudly support.

Statistics show that we will lose at least one-third of our local retail and related services if a Walmart comes to an area. When big box stores take over, the specialty services and products we sometimes need go away because big box stores carry stock that sells often, but not the slower-selling items that allow you to finish your projects.

After the Warrenton Commission meeting, I was accused of not wanting jobs in Warrenton. I take offense at that, because facts show that for every lower-paying job provided in a Walmart, 11/3 jobs are lost from other local businesses. Walmarts provide their employees information on how to obtain food stamps and other government-funded programs like welfare because they don’t want to pay decent wages, as does Costco.

Every dollar spent with a Walmart does harm to the greater community in so many ways. For me, it is corporate greed taking away the local flow of business that enables our communities to be strong in their volunteer activities. That sense of community is what I think makes the North Coast so very wonderful.

City commissions serve their citizens. Let them know your thoughts. If Walmart does come here, you can choose to shop elsewhere.




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