I read Clatsop Community College's President Greg Hamann's recent guest editorial, ("What if we fail? What if we succeed?, The Daily Astorian, April 26), and must admit he makes a good argument.

I think many in Astoria are determined to stand still instead of moving along with the waters around us. However, I think the CCC Board is just as determined to stand still, or should I say dig their heels in, in their persistence to have an "urban campus."

I think the people of Astoria made their wishes known when a campus was proposed at the Safeway site.

I have lived in Astoria for 12 years. I've met a lot of people in that time, and very few long-time residents are willing to see anything other than an athletic field at John Warren Field. It is a sizable piece of level land, which is rare within the city limits. I can understand the attraction.

I'd like to know where another piece of land this size can be found, and a replacement field with grandstands and locker rooms be built for the High School? And, what of the cost for such a project? I'd assume $1 to $2 million for such a project, given today's climate. I'm aware of the desire for "partnerships" with the hospital and Astoria Aquatic Center, etc. Those relationships are in place already, without being located across the street. And, couldn't land appropriate for a new athletic field also be used for a new campus?

Monday's editorial ("Let us return now to the bad old days," The Daily Astorian, May 8) states that a good sum of money is predicated on building at John Warren Field. I just don't recall the citizenry of this county, the people footing the tab, being asked what their feelings are in regards to building at John Warren Field. The high school's athletic field does not offer room for growth. I understand that aside from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) problems, and others at the current campus, there is a need for growth and no room to grow. Hamann asks us to look into the future, "50 years or more."

I see a beautiful campus at John Warren Field with no room to grow. Build another campus? I don't think so.

I understand Martin Nygaard is graciously willing to donate land in Warrenton. The gift of land could mean more money for library books, the computer lab or instructors.

Most of the land there looks pretty level to me, lots of room to grow. The dream of a four-year college could happen there.

Hmmmmm ... No need to spend much-needed dollars to relocate the High School's athletic field. More money for a new, much-needed campus. A level piece of land to meet all present and future ADA requirements. A place where the college itself could grow and change as need arises, instead of "standing still."

I cannot vote in favor of the current CCC plan. It's a no-brainer to me.




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