I have read with interest that Home Depot will be constructing a new store in Warrenton along U.S. Highway 101. This new development on the major transportation artery for residents and visitors alike will form a new gateway for the community, for the Oregon Coast and for the new Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks.

Millions of people will pass by this gateway to the region. One way or another this development will help shape the perspective and impression of our community and region. With relatively minor efforts, the development could be designed to help create a welcoming gateway and create a positive impression on our region.

The Daily Astorian recently ran an editorial citing The Conservation Fund's publication (Better Models for Commercial Development, May 21). This publication subtitle is "Ideas for Improving the Design and Siting of Chain Stores and Franchises." The booklet provides examples, including photographs, of how communities around the country have worked with companies such as Walgreens, Costco, and Lowe's to build buildings that attempt to match with the vision of local communities and by doing so add to the community identity. More can be learned about this publication by going to The Conservation Fund's Web site at www.conservation fund.org

Many local businesses are already creating good examples of building new or rehabilitating existing buildings to add to our community's character. These examples include Builders Supply, Pacific Coast Medical Supply and Bank of Astoria's Warrenton Branch. Within the region, the community has worked with Safeway to construct a new building that does a better job than most chain stores of fitting with the character of the region.

We should work to continue this trend.

Chip Jenkins, Superintendent

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park



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