What is the major problem, fault and concern that Oregon taxpayers have had about the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) for years?

Is it that PERS?is $15 billion in deficit? Is it that PERS members say they need all that they receive, regardless of the cost? Is it that PERS claims “a deal is a deal,” even though private free enterprise workers must now pay part of the PERS excess benefits in Oregon?

Is it that many PERS beneficiaries receive more than $100,000 a year for life, topped by Mike Bellotti’s $500,000? Is it that PERS retirement benefits average $30,000 a year, whereas many private free enterprise workers get none? Is it that many public bodies in Oregon suffer with layoffs and shortage of staff, due to PERS?

Or is it the basic unfairness, injustice and lack of democratic principles in deciding PERS?benefits?

It would seem that shrewd, conscientious accounting was not part of PERS contracts for many years. Nor did these legislators use wisdom in signing off.

Say, why not have PERS unions, PERS boards and legislators – who all collect PERS benefits – sign off? (Yep. They did just that.) Because Oregon taxpayers might wise up and say, “Wait, that’s unfair to private enterprise workers.”

Write or call Gov. John Kitzhaber, state Sen. Betsy Johnson and state Rep. Deborah Boone. They do represent freedom and democracy for free enterprise taxpayers, too. A reform of PERS means “cut PERS benefits.”


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