The No. 1 priority of county government is to provide public safety. Ballot Measure 4-156 would provide the funds necessary to remodel our current jail and relocate the sheriff’s office. We, as your elected county commissioners, take the responsibility of providing for your public safety very seriously. This is why we are speaking out in support of Ballot Measure 4-156:

“A tour of our current jail was all that was needed to convince me of the importance of Ballot Measure 4-156.” — Scott Lee, District 1

“The need to expand and remodel Clatsop County’s current jail is real. This proposal would provide additional jail beds and the ability to address mental health, substance abuse, behavioral issues and contagious illness among inmates.” — Patricia Roberts, District 2

“An adequate number of available jail beds enhances the opportunities for drug-abuse treatment and rehabilitation. The consequence of time in jail, even if it’s a day, provides an incentive to complete a treatment program.” —?Peter Huhtala, District 3

“The source for the additional operational costs will predominantly be provided by funds that were used for the courthouse remodel and the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) bond. These debts will be paid off, and that source of funding will be available to help us meet the well-studied needs of operating the new jail.” — Dirk Rohne, District 4

“I am happy that this jail expansion rests in public hands. Such a big decision belongs to you, the voters, and I will respect and support your mandate, especially any impact it may have on county mental health needs.” —?Debra Birkby, District 5

We believe this expansion would provide an excellent solution to the county’s chronic jail problems and would contribute to a safer community

Please vote to support your public safety providers by supporting this bond.






Clatsop County Commissioners


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