As students, voters, and home-owning taxpayers, my wife and I want to speak up against the upcoming bond and proposed Warrenton Clatsop Community College campus.

Ironically, one of the biggest pieces of evidence against moving the campus comes straight from the college literature itself. Recent publications project $5.5 million in construction funds from the sale of our existing campus. It makes us wonder. Why would we want to move from a $5.5 million site to a cow pasture next to a Redi-Mix plant?

Nothing against the generous donors, but, having toured the site, it's clear this swath of Warrenton land was offered for a reason. Nobody would want to build a home there. The developers clearly want the college to be their buffer from industry.

We hate the idea of this county's students looking at the Oregon Department of Transportation while new, wealthy landowners enjoy breathtaking views from our hill. We're already losing our riverfront to privatization. Let's not lose our college with a view.

We're also concerned about the amount of money which has been used to successfully restore and construct college facilities in recent years. We have a new Americans with Disabilities Act elevator in our fabulous library. We have new nursing classrooms. And soon, we'll have a newly remodeled student services center. Why waste these investments by starting from the ground up in an industrial park far from the cultural center of our county?

Yes, Patriot and Towler halls have a lot of problems, but the Jerome Avenue campus holds a lot of promise. Fifteen to $20 million could easily build a new, efficient classroom building on the bedrock near Fertig Hall. What is now Patriot Hall could become parking.

We're proud to attend the historic CCC campus. We moved to Astoria for its history. Astoria restored the Liberty Theater. We can and should restore Oregon's oldest community college.

Why is the college so eager to give up prime community property in exchange for a characterless site and a strip mall-style campus? We don't get it. And this bond will not get our votes.

Robin and Jody De Penning



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