While I fully support the right of many not to be impacted by secondhand smoke, I also support the reasonable right of smokers to be able to enjoy their legal products without being ostracized or penalized.

Based on the aforementioned points, private business owners, and not governments, should continue to be allowed to make the final decisions on how they run their businesses. In a capitalistic society, it is the business owner's decisions that should dictate success or failure.

As a smoker and a small business owner, I choose to make my establishment nonsmoking. I believe its is my right, and everyone else's right to choose how they operate their own businesses.

There should be both nonsmoking and smoking bars in the state of Oregon based on what the owner/taxpayer/employer decides to do with their business.

This law would take more rights away from us as business owners who work seven days a week, 12 to 16 hours a day. Making this a blanket law is just wrong.

Why can there not be both choices in the state of Oregon? We are a liberal state, and I was proud of that fact.

Please vote against this, and leave the decisions to us, as to what we decide to do with our businesses.

Deb Schmitz



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