I couldn't help but notice that the last issue of the Seaside Signal did not report the full discussion that followed Gloria Linkey's report on the Public Safety Committee during the City Council meeting Feb. 28, which centered on the request for funds from the city to pay for costs associated with the Spring Break preparations and planned community activities.

Don McKay mentioned that a tourist had asked him about our Tsunami Emergency plans. This visitor expressed considerable worry and fear about the need to evacuate from downtown if a large quake were to occur in our Cascadian Subduction Zone. Linkey explained that some locations which included the Hospital and the Bob Chisholm Community Centers would provide some emergency services.

Diana Schaffer commented that our streets and highway would not support an evacuation and that residents and visitors alike "probably would not be able to get out."

Stubby Lyons and others have pointed to the needs of U.S. Highway 101 in regard to public safety, which is the No. 1 priority of the Clatsop County. I support the City Council and its pursuit of needed highway improvements. Unfortunately the Seaside Signal, by its omissions, continues to demonstrate bias reporting against the highway improvements. The numbers will add up very quickly if and when we are impacted by an earthquake or possible tsunami event.

Council members Schaffer and McKay should reconsider their position against the Highway 101 improvements. They are not supportive of the very real needs of the residents of, or the visitors to, Seaside. If we are so devoted to tourism, how can we ignore it? I'm voting to support the dialogue with the Oregon Department of Transportation. There are still two years of planning for the final plan for the community. There is too much at risk not to continue, although no one really likes the way the state does business.

Michael Hinton