Vote yes on Ballot Measure 4-152

We have three daughters in the Seaside School District and we are very pleased with the quality of education, resources and programs available to them. We fully support Ballot Measure 4-152, the local option levy. This is not a new tax but a continuation of the current Local Option which expires June 30, 2011. The cost of 0.52 per thousand dollars of assessed value will continue to generate approximately $1,300,000 per year.

This levy will ensure that our children continue to receive a quality education. Investing in our children is an investment in our community - they are our future. Please join us in voting “Yes for Kids” on local option levy (4-152). Thank you!

Patrick & Lisa Nofield

Cannon Beach

Support our Seaside schools

Please consider a YES vote on Ballot Measure 4-152, the upcoming Seaside School District Local Option Levy.

Our students have consistently scored in the highest percentiles of the rigorous state scoring standards. There has been a significant increase in student achievement during the years the Local Option Levy has been in place. Continuing the current level of education for the youth of our communities has been a difficult task, especially the past several years. Staff reductions were made this year to offset our revenue deficit, resulting in increased class sizes. If we lose the revenue support the Option Levy provides our district, additional staff positions will be lost and valuable programs will undoubtedly be eliminated. Class sizes will again increase.

In the past our citizens have committed to providing our young people with the quality education they deserve by approving special levies. The needs of our students have never been greater. Your investment in the education of our youth is an investment in our community and our future.

Please remember that approval of Measure 4-152 will not create an additional tax assessment. It will simply be a continuation of the current 52 cents/$1000 of assessed value.

Vote YES on Measure 4-152 in support of our Seaside Schools.


Tom and Ginger Maltman


Seaside School District Ballot Measure 4-152

I am writing as a Dad who has seen my four children receive a great preparatory education through the Seaside School District. I know firsthand what quality, seasoned teachers with smaller class sizes can do to boost a child’s potential and limits to higher levels of learning. This success can only continue if we pass Ballot Measure 4-152, the local option levy for Seaside School District. 

Our School District 10 has been very responsible in managing costs especially in light of the challenging economy over the last five years. During this time, administrative positions have been reduced from 12 to nine positions and licensed teaching positions from 107.5 to 88 while still maintaining quality educational standards compared to other school districts of similar size or larger in Oregon. The general fund budget in 2009-10 was less than the general fund five years ago in 2004-05.

Please support this ballot measure. It is not an additional tax; it is only a continuation of the Local Option Levy property owners are currently paying, $0.52 per $1,000 of assessed value. A yes vote supports our children in District 10 schools today and provides our county with educated individuals who will be qualified, in the future, to fill positions in service, health and other careers that are so important to keeping Clatsop County a viable, competitive community.

Jon D. Bletscher


Yes on 4-152

We have two students attending school at Cannon Beach Elementary. We support Local Option Levy 4—152. Please continue to support the children in our local community by voting “Yes” on Local Option Levy 4-152 on Nov. 2.

This levy will insure that the children of this district continue to flourish in classes with a lower number of students than is typical in other districts in the state. It is our strong belief that class size plays an integral part in the Seaside School District’s ability to continue to be one of the top performing districts in reading and mathematics. Let’s not take that away from the students! Remember this is not an additional tax – it is a continuation of a tax that we are already paying.

Please join us in voting “Yes” on Local Option Levy 4-152.

Thank you,

Stephanie Snyder

Ryan Snyder

Ballot Measure 4-152 supports local kids

Have you opened your ballots yet? Please join us in voting YES on Ballot Measure 4-152. This local option levy Levy for the Seaside School District is simply a renewal of the current levy of a mere 52 cents per $1,000 of assessed value. It supports our wonderful schools in Seaside, Cannon Beach and Gearhart. Even though we don’t have children, we know that our local schools benefit all of us. The district has done a great job keeping costs down in the budget crisis. They have cut all they can cut; so this is not the time to reduce our public support. VOTE “YES” FOR KIDS!      


Nadia Gardner & Michael Manzulli

Arch Cape

Vote yes for Local Option Levy

I am a grandparent but I have no children, grandchildren, or relatives for that matter in the Seaside School District. I am, however, a volunteer at Gearhart Grade School. My husband and I have been tutoring  K-3 graders for 7 years. We are there about one to two hours a week, depending on the kids’ schedules.

These children are our future. The teachers are the guides to their futures. I am writing to encourage everyone to vote for our future. When you vote for Ballot Measure 4-152, the Local Option Levy, for Seaside School District, you will NOT be voting in a new tax.  You will be voting for CONTINUING a levy that we are paying for right now. You will be renewing the current levy that expires June 30, 2011. Voting YES will not be an addition or a new tax.

My husband and I have watched firsthand how our school district has had to cut aides for classrooms, double up classes on occasion, and essentially juggle teachers and students to work with their current budget which in funding dollars is less than it was five years ago. Licensed teaching positions have been reduced from 107.5 to 88 overall and administrative positions from 12 to 9.

Our children cannot afford further reductions in their educational system. And we should not require that action to be taken by not supporting this levy. To put this request in perspective, if you own a $300,000 home, you will only pay $0.42 per day.  Think how many children you can help for such a small amount. Think of what you spend on non-essential items that exceed four dimes and two pennies each day.

Since you have taken the time to read this letter, give some time to your future ... volunteer. You don't have to be a retired teacher because we surely are not. My husband and I are humbled to know that we can do most of third grade math now. Your school district is amazing and is filled with hard working teachers and bright children. Don't dim their future, but keep it glowing. I urge all of you to vote.

Please vote Yes for Kids.


Karen Shields


Yes for our schools

I would like to urge all voters to continue to support the children in our community by voting yes on the Seaside School District’s Local Option Levy 4-152. As a retired

educator of the Seaside School District and longtime resident of Cannon Beach, I am very much aware of the educational excellence of our local schools. I know that the people that reside in the Seaside School District have always valued and supported the education of the students in our local schools. Supporting the local option levy will validate the superb efforts of our educators. Please vote yes.


Barb Knop

Cannon Beach


Looking for a place to invest? May I suggest our future? Please give the KIDS an opportunity to succeed. Vote YES on Ballot Measure 4-152.

Paul and Margo Dueber

Cannon Beach

Sheriffs for Betsy Johnson

This summer I met with other sheriffs from state senate District 16 to discuss whom we would be endorsing for state senator. The hands down favorite was the incumbent, Senator Betsy Johnson.

This was no surprise to me.

Senator Johnson has been a staunch supporter of the men and women in law enforcement in her district for many years and has always fought to strengthen the legitimate aims of our profession as a state legislator and community leader.

As sheriff, I have seen firsthand how Betsy uses her influence as a state senator to champion just causes and stand up for the common man.

As an unaffiliated politician, I also appreciate her ability to reach across the aisle to find common ground on issues that are important to all Oregonians.

For these reasons and others, I voted with every sheriff in her district to endorse her campaign to retain her senate seat, and I heartily reaffirm that endorsement now.

Northwest Oregon needs Betsy’s commitment to stand on principal in these difficult days, and I strongly urge a vote to return her to the state Senate this November.

Sheriff Jeff Dickerson

Columbia County

Why we need Lew Barnes for our State Representative, House District 32

Every person and family will be impacted  by the $2.4 billion tax and fee increases voted on and imposed by our current Oregon Legislature. Representative Debbie Boone has voted YES for over 97% of the tax and fee increases which have come before her, from personal income tax increases (HB 2649), transportation fees/gas tax increases (HB 2001), hospital and insurance premium taxes (HB 2116), sunsetting of tax tredits (HB2067), to hunting/commercial fishing fees (HB2223), hunting/fishing fees (HB 2222) and document recording fee increases (HB 2436)…and dozens more increases. Debbie Boone even helped sponsor and pass SB 1036, which targets our local construction industry with a new construction and remodeling excise tax, which can be imposed by a school district without a vote of the people!

Debbie Boone’s votes for more and more taxes, fees and regulations have cost Oregon families jobs and income, and we cannot afford to send this out of touch politician back to Salem.

We need Lew Barnes, former U.S. Marine and current owner/operator of Summit Manufacturing, as our State Representative.  We need Lew for Oregon’s recovery!

Christine Bridgens

Warrenton, Oregon

Vote no for Betsy Johnson

I want to know why State Senator Betsy Johnson voted to slash state spending for public

schools when Oregon state budget grew by nearly $5 billon, or 9 percent? If state government has more money, they should be using it for the most important services, like public schools and public safety.

But instead, politicians like Betsy Johnson budget more money for raises for state workers, wasteful pork projects and bureaucracy, instead of to our children and grandchildren who need it the most.

Maybe that's why the public employee unions give Senator Johnson so much campaign money and such high rankings.

Calling on citizens to use the power of their voice and vote their values this November.


Coral Rose Shipley


Be careful with whom you do business

I am finally beginning to grasp the political picture of what is happening to our nation, from the local level up to the top. I have wondered why it appears conservative grassroots

candidates seem to be posting more campaign signs than their incumbent opposition in what appears to be a hotly contended election this year. It seems to me that the opposition has other methods for securing votes. So, if you don't need to advertise, how do you obtain voter support?

You see, it is easier to believe that corruption is only in politicians in D.C. It is more difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that many business men and women also buy into a distortion of the political process as a way of doing business. Take the businessman who received a multi-million dollar grant, acquired by an incumbent, and who is now, naturally, endorsing that politician. This behind-the-scenes transaction robs taxpayers while also creating an unfair gain for a chosen recipient, targeted by a politician for mutual advantage. Grants are not FREE to taxpayers! Grants doled out generously (with

strings attached), by an incumbent legislator are nothing more than bribes, using other people's money. Taxpayer money.

What right do these public officials have to decide which businesses succeed or fail? Is it right for this businessman to distort the level playing field? Then there's the businessman or employee who decides to support whomever is an incumbent ... because either they think it's good for their business, or just as likely, because they think they'll be blacklisted if they don't – and the incumbent wins again. What do they gain, and at whose expense?

There are public servants and employees who are afraid to vote their conscience because their budgets may be cut if they do. Some receive direct pressure (or threats) from public unions. Or how about an incumbent who subtly threatens nursing home residents with less services if the incumbent's party isn't re-elected. Intimidation and bribery come in many forms.

With this power in play, it's understandable why incumbents don't feel it's necessary to advertise their candidacy as much as their challenger's; they don't need to, they've bought their support already – using our money. Voting for them will continue that trend.

We the People need to hold local businesses accountable and not reward their alignment with this political dishonesty, by withholding our purchasing power. We need to remove the self-serving office holders whom are destroying our economy!

Do what is right! VOTE THEM OUT!!!

Margaret Hyland


Boone for state representative

As a private citizen and voter, I urge Cannon Beach residents to vote for Debbie Boone for State Representative. Rep. Boone has been a tireless worker for the interests of Cannon Beach and the area over the last few years, and is gaining considerable clout in Salem. The quick resolution of the U.S. Highway 26 tunnel project and the U.S. Highway 101 flooding issues would not have been pushed forward quickly without her help.


Mike Morgan

Mayor, City of Cannon Beach

Thanks and a clarification

Thank you for the great pictures of our recent Coast Ukulele Strummers performance at the Cannon Beach Chamber. A Romanian visitor's comment was, "You folks really know how to have fun!"

However, I hope to correct a misunderstanding about a comment I made.

Our leader, Else Chubinski, is an experienced and talented musician, as are the other participants. They practice every Wednesday at the Seaside Bob Chisholm Center and joyfully volunteer their performaces, bringing fun and happy musical memories to many. They allow me to join them even though I am not talented.

My comment was about my lack of expertise only and was not intended to reflect on my friends.

Thank you for allowing clarification.



Vera Capps


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