How many meetings have you attended that start with, “We are here to listen to your input”? Oh come on now, it’s OK, and won’t be cheating if you count the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in your total.

Clearly, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown wants to hear your opinion, because there is a phone number, 503-378-4582, and a real staff person to record your comments. You are probably thinking, “What am I going to call the governor about?”

Glad you asked. How about the fact that 68 percent (no that’s not a typo, it really was nearly 7 out of 10) of Clatsop County voters said no, they did not want a liquefied natural gas (LNG) pipeline in the jaw droppingly beautiful Lower Columbia area we call our home. Period. And that wasn’t just Warrenton and Astoria voters, it was the whole county.

Now comes Oregon LNG, who wants to build an LNG terminal on the Skipanon peninsula that is so big, it will cost enough money to wear out your calculator batteries, and will release 2.6 billion tons of carbon monoxide, plus methane gas, annually into the air we breathe. Wow. That sounds important enough to me to be a 2016 campaign election issue — cough, cough.

So how else would this terminal affect our daily lives? In all likelihood, it would hurt Warrenton financially with decreased property values and increased insurance rates for homes and businesses in the huge blast zone around the terminal.

It would also likely reduce revenue from sport and commercial fishing. It would destroy downtown Astoria with the hundreds and hundreds of trucks transporting construction material through downtown, from Tongue Point to the Skipanon, for four years.

In addition, it would put all Lower Columbia residents at serious risk because of the earthquake/tsunami zone location. If a person doesn’t care about that, they should probably check their pulse to see if their heart is still beating.

For goodness’ sake, Oregon LNG doesn’t even have land to build on, because the court ruled that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has an easement on that property.

Ask Gov. Brown to use her authority, the Coastal Zone Management Act and the Clean Air Act to stop this project. No matter how hard anyone tries, you cannot mitigate a major earthquake/tsunami, global air pollution, the extinction of a salmon run or the will of the people.

So whip out those cell phones and call Gov. Brown again and again and again at 503-378-4582 — there is no limit. The benefits are limitless, and you should feel much better after you have had your say. Some people even say it’s therapeutic.

So come on, folks. This is our democracy. Let’s make it work the way it’s supposed to.

Carl Dominey


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