It has been my pleasure to know Mr. Jim Campbell socially and professionally for nearly 30 years. He has always been a devoted husband, professional man and public servant. In his business, he has excelled in marine construction, while demonstrating a unique stewardship of the environment. In his recreational life, he has been diverse and complex. From boating to motorcycling, or flying to using his motor home, he still is more active than most people that I know.

All these things, while leading the community in pursuit of excellence with the Port of Astoria, which is now in a much better posture than just four years ago. His calm, steady stance on the board of commissioners has benefited all those under the veil of the Port of Astoria. His demeanor during meetings, dealing with fellow commissioners and relating to Port staff has been a model to emulate.

Additionally, supportive of the bond measure to improve the airport to make a permanent home for Life Flight North West, he is positioning the Port of Astoria for future positive growth. To preserve him in his place as a commissioner for the Port of Astoria is, by far, the best move.

Philip Bales