On Saturday, Aug.16, Clatsop Community College and Foundation are hosting the first reunion ever for all Clatsop students. It is not just for graduates, but for any and everyone who has taken a class at the college. Former faculty and staff have been invited, also.

This event, which is being named “Come Home to Clatsop” will be held on the main campus from noon until 4 p.m. There will be a free barbecue, and Wet Dog will be there to sell beer and wine. Tours of the campus will be offered. A special art exhibit will be on display, and the North Coast Printmakers Collective will be doing demonstrations. The bookstore will also be open.

With all the new construction, remodeling and the reconfiguration of building use, I think the Art Center building is the only one that has not majorly changed. If you used the chemistry and/or biology labs in Towler Hall, you will be amazed by the up-to-date labs in the newly constructed Columbia Hall.

Towler Hall is nearly unrecognizable from what it was when I was teaching classes there. The floors have been beautifully refinished and, with new lighting, make the hallways seem so much wider and brighter. In the nearly 30 years of my climbing up and down its three flights of stairs to teach classes, I was totally unaware that there were huge windows at the stair landings. You can imagine how much light and openness was added when they were uncovered.

The main entrance, featuring a student gathering area, is now on the third floor, reached by an elevated walkway from the street level. There is even an elevator. It is amazing to compare what was and what is now. The only thing I miss is the slate chalkboards of old.

The college has plans for the re-development of Patriot Hall. The company who did the construction plans for Towler Hall has been hired for this re-development. I have seen the plans and they are as creative as Towler Hall’s were. It is impressive as to what they can do today with an old building. The plans will be on display.

There is no formal program, as this reunion is for people to come, visit and reconnect with “old” friends and colleagues. So help get the word out to “Come Home to Clatsop” and enjoy reliving some great memories. I hope many of my former students and advisees will come and let me know what happening in their life.

Gerry Swenson

Retired CCC mathematics instructor

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