Enough is enough. Power of money and influence in collusion with corporate controlled mainstream media is shaping what people think is true.

As a 70-year-old grandmother, I am strong with purpose, caring about our children and grandchildren. Become informed about Measure 97 and share the truth with voters. The Oregon Center for Public Policy points out corporations pay 6.7 percent of all Oregon income taxes today versus 18.5 percent 40 forty years ago, and are projected to pay 4.6 percent in 10 years, given the status quo.

About 3 percent of C corporations will be affected by Measure 97, which means only 1/4 of one percent of businesses in the state will see their taxes go up. This will not result in higher costs for goods and services.

We have 2,000 fewer teachers than before the financial crisis of 2008, even though enrollment has increased. Corporations were bailed out on the backs of our children, the most vulnerable in our society.

Carol Scherer