I strongly support John Orr for state representative in the May 15 Oregon Primary. Here’s why:

Tiffiny Mitchell will likely be a fine candidate someday, but right now she has no experience, no track record, and she hasn’t lived here long enough to really understand the place.

Tim Josi is truly a person who can’t see the forest for the tree stumps. He considers the state forests to be tree farms, and is blind to their importance to clean water, salmon restoration and recreation. If you believe in balanced forest use, along with sustainable harvest, Josi is a disaster.

John Orr, on the other hand, has served the North Coast Land Conservancy, Cannon Beach Children’s Center and Trails End recycling, and has been municipal judge for Gearhart for 21 years.

Orr has a law degree from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, plus a degree in regional planning/economics. He’s had a small business/law practice here for 24 years, representing hundreds of children in court, and getting firsthand knowledge of the issues and needs in foster care.

John knows the law, and what the consequences of proposed legislation could be. Orr is a progressive who is deeply connected to the area, and has worked throughout his career on its behalf. Help him take his fight for our people, our communities and our environment to the state legislature. Please vote for John Orr.

Roger Rocka