Regarding the Planning Commission meeting Sept. 27, and The Daily Astorian article Sept. 28 (“Planning Commission mulls ways to gain homes”): There are a lot of problems with the concept of “accessory dwelling units,” which really translates to increased density for a city like Astoria.

Increased density is not good for humans or animals, with the resulting loss of privacy, yards for kids and gardens, disputes with neighbors over parking spots and the deterioration of neighborhood characteristics.

Lots of single family homes in Astoria have already been converted into plexes, without off-treet parking, resulting in our narrow streets becoming, in effect, one-way streets.

The proposed plan will eventually get us into the same hassle taking place in Cannon Beach and Gearhart over vacation rentals.

For you homeowners who think this will be a financial benefit to you, beware. After you pay for design, permits and construction, your property’s assessed value will increase, and likewise your property tax. Also, any income you receive is subject to income tax, or the IRS will come to visit.

The City Council can promote “affordable housing” by encouraging developers to accommodate this goal by building apartments on land such as the soon-to-be-gone Ford dealership property — and it’s on a transit line. Other parcels of land are probably known to local Realtors.

If the proposed code changes are made, I am concerned that there will be a lack of code enforcement, and subsequent unintended consequences.

Mike Green