One of the rules of good journalism is to tell the truth without using hyperbole just to drive home a point or sell a few more papers. Your editorial, “We Struggle While Congress Sleeps,” makes just such a mistake.

In the very first sentence of your editorial you make two inflammatory and inaccurate statements: “with the world poised on an explosion,” and “the do nothing House of Representatives.” Just doing a little research one can find out that our world today has more countries at peace and with thriving democracies than at any time in its history. According to a RAND study on global terrorism incidents, and the Global Peace Index, the world is definitely not poised on an explosion.

Your phrase “while Congress sleeps” reads like a sound bite from Fox News. While it is true that the relationship between the president and Congress is more adversarial than some in the past, the current faceoff between Congress and the White House is model of decorum compared to much of the rest of the world.

It can also be argued that Congress only passing 53 laws in 2013 was actually a good thing, but that is another discussion. Besides missing some basic fact-checking, your editorial also lacks focus.

What does it mean when you say, “While the rest of us are dodging, weaving and otherwise attempting to join the future, Congress fails at the most basic test.”? If one of my students gave me your editorial, I would send it back to them and have them rewrite it for greater clarity and accuracy.

I can’t even identify a thesis in your editorial. Is it about the world going to hell? Congress doing nothing? Technology and the future? You even throw Greg Walden, Gov. John Kitzhaber and Vladimir Putin in for good measure, but little effect.

The economy under this sleeping Congress is doing quite a lot better. Housing is up, the stock market is way up. Unemployment is down. More jobs are being created. Sure there are many areas that need work – but when was that not the case?

In the future, please check your facts, find a solid thesis and stick with it. Our world is really a better place that you make it out to be.

Don Anderson


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