As Astorians, you may ask yourself if the proposed fracked natural gas-to-methanol plant in Kalama, Washington, proposed by the Chinese, and their American proxy Northwest Innovation Works (NWIW), is of any concern since it's not in your backyard.

The methanol plant itself may not be, but the effects of its consuming 320 million cubic feet of natural gas every day for 40 years may be, from a number of viewpoints. The project is under final review by the Washington Department of Ecology, and their approval/disapproval of the shoreline permit could come any day. We are hoping the DOE gives it a big thumbs-down.

This plant will consume fracked natural gas from shale deposits in British Columbia in massive amounts, contributing 160 billion pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) into the atmosphere every year, or 6.4 trillion pounds over the 40-year life of the methanol plant. Considering all the other carbon dioxide that is being dumped into the atmosphere by our cars, trucks and planes, and you may see the concern.

If the U. S. and other developed/developing nations continue to turn a blind eye to anthropogenic climate change, then we may no longer need insulated clothing in the winter. The average daily temperature could be 6 degrees Fahrenheit warmer by 2030.

Call the Washington DOE and tell them not to approve the shoreline permit for the Kalama, Washington, methanol plant.


Kalama, Washington

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