The "Budget March" (The Astorian, Dec. 19) is such a pleasure to listen to — a frothy, lively, happy piece. Vincent Centeno plays elegantly, and brings the music to life.

But it's the video work by Hailey Hoffman that puts the icing on the cake. How often do we get to focus on the footwork as well as the fingering of the piano keys? How often do we get a close up view of the pianist’s face as well as his hands maneuvering the keyboard?

I had to enjoy the visual part of the video several times before I closed my eyes and reveled in the sound and feel of the music — several times.

Thank you, Steve Forrester, for bringing us this experience with a gifted musician. And thank you, The Astorian, for hiring such a gifted visual journalist.

Isn't Astoria lucky to have had Albert William Utzinger living and writing music here?

Finally, thank you to Vincent and Hailey for this miniconcert. What a nice way to start my day.