Foolishly I attended a recent town hall meeting conducted by state Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell. Wow, it was spending over an hour on only one topic — her betrayal of progressives on the recent changes to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

Now Rep. Mitchell, a former state of Oregon employee, campaigned hard that she would be a champion of the progressive-dominated Democratic Party, and yet when a PERS vote came up, she finally did her research, and voted to take a moderate approach to controlling costs.

I, for one, as a 65-year member of what used to be the Democratic Party, am extremely glad someone is trying to do something rational, even if it means having to modify one's position. And yes, I'm glad that state Sen. Betsy Johnson is also taking a rational position on controlling costs.

There are literally hundreds of changes which an informed electorate could discuss that would devote more funds to our real collective needs rather than the I want approach voiced by the progressives at this meeting.

I would hope that future town hall meetings might draw a few moderate citizens who would have an opportunity to discuss rational approaches to our common interests.

You know, Rep. Mitchell, you have a commitment to all Clatsop County voters, not to just the fringe group which has seized control of the Democratic Party in Clatsop County. Are you up to it, or will you let your progressive base dictate that you must not seek, or discuss, alternative approaches?



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Bryan Kidder

John, you should come to a meeting of the Clatsop County Democratic Party, held the fourth Monday of the month at the community college. All view points are aired and we do have vigorous discussion about the issues of the day. I am the chair of the party you are welcomed to come be a part of a county party that is trying to make things better for everyone. We may get passionate about how to do that, but the stakes are high. Come join us.

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