On May 21, there was a demonstration in downtown Astoria for abortion rights. While driving by, I have noticed a few of these demonstrations, and am so proud of these people who want to have their voices heard.

I believe that everyone should have their voices heard, especially when there is a problem that affects so many lives. Abortion should always be an option, and the fact that some states do not agree with this is extremely baffling to me.

By taking away abortion rights, you are taking away one of the most important rights a woman can have. Every woman deserves the right to their own body, and what to do with it.

I am glad that I live in a state that is for abortions, but am extremely saddened that women in other states aren’t as lucky as I am. I am so glad that people are speaking out about this issue more and more, and that locals are even demonstrating, too.



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