The eviction moratorium has saved lives, and it is about to expire too soon.

The overwhelming majority of Oregon renters have been paying all, or part of, their rent. Even in the face of astonishing job losses, we've done a good job in Oregon preventing a new wave of homeless children, families and individuals. We cannot let that protection expire.

The Community Alliance of Tenants has been working with tenants to address their concerns since the pandemic began, and the stories we are hearing are more than concerning.

Tenants are facing pressure, threats, harassment and even unsafe living conditions as some landlords neglect safety concerns from tenants who have used legal means to notify them they will be unable to pay rent. Come January, tenants outside Multnomah County could owe up to four months rent immediately, and will face imminent eviction.

Legislators need to act now to extend the eviction moratorium, provide protections for renters and rent assistance to help pay back rent. This action protects renters, protects public health, prevents homelessness and helps landlords continue their necessary services.


Executive director, Community Alliance of Tenants