In Robert Potter’s letter on Oct. 6, he bemoaned that Suzanne Weber doesn’t constantly scream her party affiliation from the rooftops, while Debbie Boothe-Schmidt announces her partisanship at every opportunity.

Which affiliation would Potter like to know?

The fact that she was nominated by the Independent Party, a reflection of her belief that party doesn’t matter when it comes to getting work done for the people, as well as an acknowledgment of her 18 years as a nonpartisan mayor and city councilor?

Or her nomination by the Republican Party, the party she’s been affiliated with for decades, but no one ever knew because she’s always cared about results, not party affiliation?

Or her nomination by the Libertarian Party, because of her dedication to the civil rights of all Oregonians?

The reality is that Mayor Weber doesn’t wear her party affiliation or nomination on her sleeve because she believes partisanship is the problem.

Boothe-Schmidt is a partisan activist. She has been for years. That’s why partisan extremists in Portland, who don’t care about us, have dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into her campaign.

Debbie is dedicated to total partisan politics now, and she would do nothing but follow her partisan bosses in Salem. We’ve seen enough partisanship in Salem.

Let’s send a message to political party bosses that the North Coast is sick of partisan politicians like Boothe-Schmidt. Let’s send a nonpartisan, pragmatic, experienced leader to Salem.

Let’s vote for Weber for state representative.



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Robert Potter

Nice try, Lisa. I never suggested that Suzanne Weber "scream her party affiliation from the rooftops". I simply asked why she doesn't declare herself as a Republican in her campaign ads. She refuses to do so. As mayor of Tillamook, which is a far cry from the state legislature in Salem, it was easy for her to play "non-partisan" politics in a small town. If, or when, she gets to Salem, I expect that she will caucus with the Republicans. It's not easy to be non-partisan in the Oregon state house which is as divisive as I've ever seen it. And references to Portland are just scare tactics. The city is not as bad as conservatives make it out to be.

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