Alligators in Ecola Creek? Did someone release pet alligators into Cannon Beach's Ecola Creek? Are they multiplying and eating the native ducks, gulls and an occasional elk? Must they eat our pet dogs or (gasp) one of our children before the City Council requires their removal and restores the natural ecosystem?

Just kidding. There are no alligators in Ecola Creek … that I know of. I'm sure if there were, the Cannon Beach City Council would quickly require the elimination of such an abhorrent nonnative invasive species.

Then why doesn't the City Council require removal of the nonnative invasive European beach grass from the Cannon Beach foredune, and replace it with the previously-existing native American beach grass? ("City mulls dune management," Cannon Beach Gazette, Aug. 28)

The Cannon Beach City Council should be consistent in how it deals with nonnative invasive species in its ecosystem. If the City Council would eliminate nonnative invasive alligators from Ecola Creek, it should restore and preserve the foredune in its natural state by requiring removal, and prohibiting reintroduction, of the nonnative invasive European beach grass from the foredune, and replanting with native American beach grass.


Oakland, California

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