The politicians, including the fake Democrat who's supposed to be representing us in Clatsop County, and the corporate money men and newspaper editors who helped defeat the recent cap and trade bill in the Oregon Legislature, need to stop their backslapping about it.

In spite of the Supreme Court opinion that they have all the rights of individuals, corporations, especially manufacturers, do not deserve our support on this one. Not all of them — but many of them — have proven themselves to be lousy neighbors and unpatriotic citizens, callously refusing to make the nominal investments necessary to clean up their dirty processes and reduce their output of toxic byproducts.

And they're here in Oregon not because they're loyal to the people here, but because they're making terrific profits off the status quo. The cap and trade concept is intended as an incentive for them to make changes. Of course it's not the solution to climate change. Nobody ever claimed that it is. But it's a start.

Of course, it would be better if we had the "wholesale changes in the White House and Congress …" to lead that effort, as was said in an editorial on the subject ("Cap and trade bill would be disastrous," The Astorian, June 8). But we do not have them. We have the opposite.

So the changes have to be led from the bottom; from the grassroots; from here. California has done it, and their economy leads the nation. The people of Oregon deserve the same effort, and need to see it begin. It may already be too late.



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Slappy McFerrin

"Of course it's not the solution to climate change. Nobody ever claimed that it is. But it's a start."

No. It's not a start to anything but the scuttling of our economy. HB2020 wouldn't have changed the environment or abated global warming one iota, this by the admission of Oregon's own DEQ director who supported 2020. Cap and trade schemes have been in force in Europe since the late nineties. They're time tested and they don't work. They only serve to make rich carbon credit investors, the likes of Gore and Sachs, even richer and all on the backs of common folks. There's so much emotion on side of the warming alarmists and so little critical thought.

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