I enjoyed R.J. Marx's article referencing statements by Gearhart's City Administrator Chad Sweet concerning possible future opportunities for the city's elementary school ("Gearhart, Sunset Rec eye Seaside school properties," The Astorian, Sept. 19).

The article, however, neglects to mention more telling statements by Sweet, wherein he noted that the school was a million-dollar tear down … due in part to a mold problem. Sweet has never referenced, that I am aware of, the existence of a formal mold survey, nor has he ever announced that a demolition bid was formally requested.

It is problematic to imagine the school district would ignore or withhold from Gearhart residents the issue of mold. Additionally, one interested developer ran through his economic numbers with me, using a much lower demolition number.

Couple this example with past Sweet comments, made to me that our existing fire station won't work for the new station, because of rock fill. Or how about the rumored public statement that rebuilding the existing location would be potentially the most expensive option, because the city would be required to build a new facility to house fire equipment during construction.

Both examples, at best, are disingenuous. Sweet's ongoing bent to only confirm that information which serves his goals forecloses the potential of new and alternative opportunities which have been expressed by many in Gearthart, but not acknowledged by our city leaders.

Seaside and Cannon Beach see the value in old schools, but with Sweet's bias to the new fire station, Gearhart's alternative opportunities are limited, at best.



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