When it comes to the arguments between the left and those on the right, I believe most have lost sight of, or simply ignore, the origins of their political and philosophical backgrounds.

Those on the left are tied to mankind as their focus, and accept a lot of the ideas stemming from the movement we define as humanism. Mankind’s thoughts and ideas become paramount, and thus someone or some group must become the world’s answer to all our problems.

Our traditional philosophical roots begin with the Judeo-Christian ideals, primarily. For instance, our founders understood that power corrupts because mankind is flawed, so they split the powers of the federal government up into three branches.

Shared power became our normal way of doing things. But when some believe that they are smarter than the rest of us, and try to seize positions of power illegitimately, they are merely confirming what our founders knew to be true.

George Orwell gave us a great example of this in his book "Animal Farm." The animals on the farm felt that they were being mistreated, and rose up in anger to seize the means of production. The result was that the pigs gained ultimate control and the rest of the livestock were enslaved by their oppressive rule.

All their efforts then went to supply the leader's wants and wishes. Unless all the chickens and ducks willingly complied to their orders, they threatened to unleash the dogs on them. America, the left is not your answer.



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