Gearhart faces another election season, and the same old and worn-out tactics from the past are brought forward to today's election.

The old guard politicos are marching out in force, acting as if a major campaign is at jeopardy, instead of a small-town election. However, there's a twist in 2020.

As Mayor Matt Brown leaves — having labeled many in Gearhart as oppositional haters — our incumbents Paulina Cockrum, Reita Fackerell and Dan Jesse are huddled together in an act of solidarity, avoiding public positions and status on a host of issues facing our residents.

It's clear the less political positions said, the less there is to explain.

In the middle of great economic and pandemic disruption our incumbents leave us facing the following:

• A divided city.

• Multiple legal challenges to business ordinances.

• Businesses abandoned, individual business investment lost and existing owners hanging by a thin economic thread.

• A legally disputed and expensively planned and undefined fire station.

• Abandoned elementary school exposed to private exploitation.

• Neglected infrastructure, and a host of safety issues facing the east side of Gearhart.

Once again, Gearhart must endure the equivalent of a high school popularity contest, replete with friends electing friends, and incumbents unwilling to either defend or define their political goals or agenda.

Gearhart's political social club is once again putting the city's best interests in defining jeopardy. I ask for your vote for Gearhart City Council, Position 4.



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