The Sept. 10 "Media propaganda" was an interesting letter. It was quite blunt and mostly wrong, but was right about one thing: Fox News commentators are decidedly partisan.

It kind of left off that they are not the only major broadcaster that is partisan. Fox is just the only one that is right wing. All the other alphabet outlets are decidedly left-wing biased. They radicalize left-wing partisans into becoming more bellicose and violent, while ignoring the riots they cause.

One thing he can be sure of though, if Joe Biden wins this November, there will eventually be no Fox. They will be branded enemies of the state and sent to re-education camps. Volksempfänger will, indeed, be here.

Riots will stop, because re-education is for all problems. Left-wingers will rejoice, right up until they happen to become a problem. No complaining allowed. Do as you're told. Be politically correct.

The loyal opposition and debate are required for a healthy country. A one-party rule becomes fascist quickly.

Be careful what you wish for.