I’m not an an expert. My formal education did not go beyond community college. I am a layman though reasonably intelligent. As such I have depended on experts, those who are smarter and are educated, dedicated and disciplined in their field, for all the things that contribute to my quality of life.

I do so with what I think of as a healthy skepticism and discernment. When I listen to experts in any field of study, it’s like listening to an accomplished musician. I hear talent, intellect, dedication and accomplishment. It is not about monetary gain or fame. It’s not twisted to fit political agendas.

We have experienced an unprecedented scientific achievement. We have seen multiple vaccines that are very effective against the COVID-19. They prevent serious disease, hospitalization and death.These vaccines have proven their safety and efficacy with well funded (private and public dollars) double-blind studies with, 30,000 participants in each of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

If you want to know the actual science about the current vaccines, clinical treatments and long term medical impacts related to COVID-19, here are a couple of suggestions. The podcast This Week In Virology (TWIV). If you can only find time for one episode each week, I’d recommend the clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin. To speak with a virologist, sign up for one of the many town halls sponsored by the American Society for Virology at ASV.org/education.

Be serious about protecting yourself and the community. Freedom is freedom from infection.