I am writing today to thank state Rep. Pam Marsh and Rep. Rob Nosse, and state Sen. Chris Gorsek, for representing the Beaver State and sponsoring House Bill 2844, which would remove the predatory animal designation from beavers in Oregon.

Currently, there are no restrictions or permit requirements that prevent landowners from indiscriminately killing beavers on private property, even if the beavers are not causing any damage. In fact, current law prohibits the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife from managing any designated predatory animals on private lands.

HB 2844 would allow ODFW to issue permits, regulate management and give the state an opportunity to collect valuable data on beaver populations and their impact on a healthy environment and ecosystem.

Beavers are essential in creating wetlands and habitat for salmon, and we are just now realizing their potential effect in improving fire resiliency, capturing carbon and improving the quality of our drinking water.

Changing how we manage this species, would benefit Oregonians and ensure a sustainable and healthy ecosystem for generations to come. Please reach out to your legislatures and ask that they support HB 2844.