The LNG case study article ("Case study looks at lessons from LNG fight," The Astorian, July 27) cites that "it was a victory for local grassroots groups over wealthy corporate interests," but the real victory here was the elimination of a role for fossil fuel.

Substitution of natural gas for oil and coal was a rational measured attack on climate change that could minimize economic disruption. Yes, these LNG plants were terrible. Today's technology provides us with natural gas fired electric plants that have zero emissions. It is interesting that the tables have recently turned with the recent opposition to "cap and trade" in Oregon by different grassroots organizations. These grassy groups favor a more measured approach to the elimination of fossil fuels and still the CO2 flows into our environment.

These case studies of energy illustrate that these battles feature combatants who are simply mentally unequipped to work together to develop a plan which will allow our civilization to have a future. Name-calling has replaced the ability to reason. There is no ability for citizens to sit together and become informed and make rational plans. This used to be the role of government. Our present leaders talk about citizen involvement, but the involvement of informed citizen's is really just a joke to them.

Until we get better leaders in our cities, county and states, we are doomed to fail. And the election of better leaders is the citizen's job. You can see this failure every day, even without a meaningless case study.



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