Clatsop County has been blessed with passionate and capable elected officials, staff and volunteers over the years. We have accomplished the mundane and the extraordinary in serving the needs of our community.

One reoccurring challenge has been recruiting and retaining quality administrative leadership (i.e. county manager). The constant churn over the years has proven challenging to the board with manager relations, key external partnerships and the overall morale of the organization.

For Clatsop County to be the reliable, transparent, accessible and trustworthy organization we all desire, we need a county manager who will consistently lead, inspire and be accountable.

After a competitive process, Don Bohn joined us as the county manager last September. Don came to Clatsop County after a 28-year career as an executive with Washington County.

The Board of  Commissioners knows — after this initial year, managing through the first pandemic in more than 100 years, and moving forward on a number of other important initiatives — it is clear Clatsop County has the administrative leader we need now, and into the future.

Under the leadership of the Board of Commissioners, Clatsop County is planning for the future, improving our governance capacity and ultimately building a county government you can be proud of and trust.

No one does this work alone; and we are thankful to have a strong and capable county manager as part of our team moving forward. No matter what the future holds; Clatsop County is collectively ready and able to serve you well.






Clatsop County Commissioners. Sullivan is the board chairwoman.

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