This Sunday was the first time in a long time I felt there was hope for our country. A smart, kind young man, Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, declared his candidacy for president of the U.S. What a breath of fresh air in this quagmire of a troubled country and its people.

Buttigieg spoke to many issues: The economy, the rebuilding of unions, global warming, our relationship with the rest of the world, Medicare for all and much more. He approached these things with intelligence and thoughtfulness.

He talked of bringing the country together, of having more empathy for one another, and presented a picture of a better and stronger country. He wasn't didactic, he wasn't cruel and he wasn't bullying.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg helped South Bend rebuild after the recession, and once again it is a thriving city. He is a veteran of the Afghan War as an intelligence officer. He is a Harvard graduate and attended Oxford. He has been a business consultant for many corporations, he speaks seven languages and plays concert piano. He is a devout Christian. And oh, yeah, he is an openly gay man married to a gay man. The people in Indiana don't seem to care. They love him.

Stay tuned for a long and interesting ride with Pete Buttigieg.



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Stephen Malkowski

Nice timing by Mayor Pete. 48 hours--not that there's every a good time to meet with Al Sharpton--after the San Diego synagogue shooting, he was petitioning a virulent anti-Semite for support. And he's the Left's breath of fresh air?

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