As the current government crises continue, more than ever we need to evaluate our beliefs as Americans, as well as our faith in government; to review what we want our country to stand for, and what international relationships our top executive should promote.

Unfortunately, our current president appears to be more an aspiring autocrat, seeking immunity from criticism, disdaining diplomacy, and marginalizing his opponents. His governing strategy is to promote chaos and inflame fears of national instability.

To be afraid without reason is intolerable; there needs to be a face to the fear in order to face the fear and gain control of it. President Trump has provided many faces to focus our fear on, while he hammers home his monolithic solution. He has become the face of my fear for the nation's regression into illiberal policies and actions. To me, it is as if a mourning veil has been drawn over the Lady of Liberty's welcoming figure, that her appearance might not rebuke our injustices.

The only way I can gain control over my fear is to participate in one of our democracy's great achievements, our system of free elections, so I will make my voice heard in 2020, and do my part to bring sanity back to the White House and to our country.


Ocean Park, Washington

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Miller Sands

Trump is the worst president in history. He belongs in the big house, not the White House.

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