Gearhart has a fairly new tree-trimming ordinance, passed a few months ago, to allow residents affected by trees on city dunelands to trim the trees affecting their views, among other reasons.

Unfortunately, the city is interpreting the ordinance much too zealously, leading to maimed and disfigured trees on city-owned parklands. But Gearhart has no parks master plan in place that would curtail this kind of damage. In fact, the city does not even have a parks planning process in the works. The butchering of city trees by homeowners with an agenda of their own is the result.

Oregon Coast Alliance (ORCA) has twice called on Gearhart officials to interpret the ordinance more narrowly, and begin a parks planning process, but the city has not responded.

It is certainly past time for Gearhart to begin a parks discussion, before the city’s treasured public landscapes are irrevocably scarred. Gearhart’s residents need the public process required for a parks master plan, to voice their opinions and craft a framework to protect the public’s land.

ORCA wonders why city officials have refused not only to begin a discussion about city parks, but also refused ORCA the courtesy of a response to our concerns. Surely, in a matter touching on the management of public property that benefits Gearhart residents and visitors alike, a response is due, especially as ORCA offered to assist in any way available with launching a parks planning process.



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