A few years ago, Clatsop County snagged a very capable retiree, David Zunkel. If he ever thought of resting on his well-deserved laurels, he did not find them here.

Rather, he immersed himself in our local public life and within a small number of years was elected president of Exploring New Concepts of Retirement Education (ENCORE). Dave has provided our organization with wise leadership and would be reelected if our bylaws did not prohibit it.

Dave's diplomatic skills were especially important when ENCORE separated its organizational dependency from Clatsop Community College. His leadership saw us through difficult adjustments to our educational efforts.

As a radiologist, he was one of the leaders of his professional organizations and once here, dedicated his fundraising ability to Columbia Memorial Hospital's foundation.

I know Zunkel as a person of astute intellect, impressive diplomatic ability and absolute integrity. He has the ability to become an immediate asset to the Clatsop Community College Board.