For those workers hoping not to have to pay union dues, be careful what you wish for. And beware of those who support you in that hope ("The injustice of forced union dues," The Astorian, Sept. 7).

The National Right to Work Committee has been on an anti-union crusade since its inception. And since its beginning and on into today, it has been well funded by the Koch brothers, a family dedicated to removing any and all obstacles to unfettered business profits. Such obstacles include healthy unions and state  laws protecting worker rights to unionize.

The author of the guest column, Mark Mix, is president of the National Right to Work Committee. As such, he failed to mention that the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, which provided such a negative labor analysis, is a "subordinate" arm of his own organization.

For more than a hundred years, labor unions have fought for workers' rights. Through the strength of organized union workers and legislation lobbying, union workers can take for granted such benefits as the 40-hour work week, minimum wage baselines, paid holidays, union representation in worker-management disputes and so on.

Going against the financial power of business takes money. And that money comes from dues. So, please, keep those dues coming.