The Cannon Beach community desperately needs to heal and overcome the divisions created by special interests regarding the food tax vote.

Despite the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association's substantial financial activity, Cannon Beach citizens voted with their hearts to support enhanced infrastructure and improved public safety. I am personally grateful that our hardworking first responders will have adequate equipment and personnel to keep us safe!

Some people have concerns about the Cannon Beach ballot box, but let's think logically about the events and consequences. Notably, city staff immediately disclosed everything to city, county and state officials, knowing they might be blamed for any irregularities.

And could city staff have realistically altered the outcome? Would they have sifted through ballots to remove likely “no” votes when every voter can call the county elections division to ask if their ballot was received? No.

Would city staff have opened ballots and changed votes when county officials would have noticed disturbed  envelopes and contacted the voter? No.

Common sense suggests that city staff did exactly as they claimed in trying to save ballots — either "yes" or "no" votes — from becoming soaked and unusable. We may disagree with their choice, but let's give staff credit for trying to do the right thing.

We clearly have an engaged and passionate community. But it is my hope that now we can turn our shared passion toward finding common ground, and creating a shared vision for the future.


Cannon Beach