I am concerned about the effort to recall Tiffiny Mitchell. I thought we want someone who analyzes, reasons and makes hard decisions with our collective interests in mind.

Early in her campaign, Tiffiny met with me for two hours discussing concerns about substance abuse in our state and community. She listened and respectfully asked questions, which indicated she cared and was truly interested in what I had to say. She demonstrated the ability to hear uncomfortable facts about an unpopular problem.

She was elected because of her positions on certain issues, and then after evaluating some, she changed. Some consider this a betrayal; to me it is evidence she has an incredible degree of courage and integrity. After seeing the big picture, she changed her mind, rather than cowardly sticking to her original position, while knowing the potential consequences.

Now that is the kind of thoughtful, gutsy representation this state and country need. In this age of mindless polarization and disinformation, we all need to take a step back and look at what we, as individual citizens, need to do to help.

We can't expect our elected officials to please everyone. In fact, compromise requires a certain amount of disappointment that mature adults are expected to understand. It's unwise and foolish to expect your candidate to satisfy only your needs, and not those who didn't vote for them.



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